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Logo Business Cards Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Logo Business Cards! By using Logo Business Cards, and registering up as a Client, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, including those terms and conditions incorporated by reference. Acceptance of the following terms will entitle the client to abide all these conditions otherwise the client cannot use the services of this site.

1. Logo Business Cards Services
Logos, Business Cards, Postcards, Plastic Cards, Brochures, Web Sites, Promo Items

(a) The client will be supplied with services/packages that have been offered on the Logo Business Cards website. Afterwards, Client designs will be developed through a design process basis. The process will involve the following; development of preliminary designs, client feedback and design revisions. Ultimately, the client will have a final design that thy (the client) has agreed to after our design process has been completed.

(b) Client Info and Designs. The client will be responsible for all information supplied onto the website. The client must be concise and accurate as to what is sent to Logo Business Cards. Logo Business Cards is not obliged to review any initial designs or any feedbacks, including the clarity, the quality and preciseness of information supplied. Logo Business Cards may disregard the designs and feedback if the proper direction is not given.

(c) The client is responsible for reviewing all designs that are supplied by Logo Business Cards.

(d) Client Revisions: Client may incorporate changes requested after viewing initial designs. Unlimited revisions are offered and must not exceed 25 revisions of a chosen sample.

*If the client fails to communicate with Logo Business Cards regarding the samples provided, the client will be responsible for accepting the designs. If the client advises Logo Business Cards that the feedback on the initial designs were not reasonable, the client must provide pertinent information regarding any changes that must be made to initial designs.

2. Placing an Order
Payment: All prices are in US dollars. The client placing an order onto the website must provide payment in advance via credit card or cheque (MasterCard, Visa, Pay Pal, money order). After selecting the desired package or service the client will be charged accordingly. Upon reception of the order, Logo Business Cards will supply a confirmation that payment was received. Logo Business Cards will begin designs based on the information supplied by the client.

Refund Policy (Logo Designs): If the customer is not satisfied with the initial logo samples provided by Logo Business Cards, you may request a refund. Logo Business Cards will refund the total payment made by you, less a seventy-five dollar ($75.00) service and processing fee.

If the client requests more revisions after the initial designs, the client has agreed to go forward with the project and will disregard any requests for a refund. Should the customer receive a refund, the client understands that they will have no ownership or the ability to use any media or content supplied from the initial designs.

No refunds will be given on the following:

· If there’s inactivity on behalf of the company were dealing with.
· If changes have been made after initial designs.
· If 1 month has elapsed and Logo Business Cards doesn’t here from the client.
· If the project was discontinued because of reasons other than our designs.
· A refund on any printing such as business cards, postcards, plastic cards, brochures and promo items is up
to the decision of Logo Business Cards.
· On any designs other then initial set of logo designs.
· Any extra services i.e. (slogans, web site designs, animated logo designs, and Express orders are non-refundable.)

3. Length of project:
Client agrees to provide timely responses to Logo Business Cards after notification of completion. Clients should have 30 days to respond to each set of designs including logos, business cards, postcards, plastic cards, promo items and web sites.

4. Ownership: Authorization to Use
Rights of the Client: Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions shall give the client total ownership over the final designs (does not include original Photoshop files (may be purchased for a fee) or preliminary logo design samples). Moreover, the client shall not use any creative briefs or revisions leading to the final design. The Client acknowledges Logo Business Cards has the opportunity to use the creative briefs or revisions in any publication materials.

5. Disclaimer:
The client guarantees that any information that has been supplied to Logo Business Cards for development of logos, business cards, postcards or any type of media do not violate any copyright or trademark that have been developed by any other organization. Furthermore, any violations that are commited, the client will be held responsible and will protect Logo Business Cards from any legal actions taken by other organizations. Logo Business Cards guarantees that the designs provided through the creative stage and revision stages will not reflect any other organization look and feel.

6. Indemnification:
Upon acceptance or these terms, you the client protect Logo Business Cards, you hold Logo Business Cards harmless and its staff from any liabilities to, any third party disagreements to these terms and conditions, any expense or any attorney fees if needed.

7. Termination:
Logo Business Cards holds the right to terminate the project at any given time with or without notice. If such an issue may arise between the client and Logo Business Cards, further measures will be taken to give the client a refund (only if revisions were never started and only the first initial samples were supplied.)

8. Shipping Insurance
Upon acceptance of any of the business cards, postcards, plastic cards, promo items or any other printed material, the client agrees to accept the product the way it has been shipped. Any damages to the product is not the responsibility of Logo Business Cards. In any case the client wants to re-print the cards because the products have been severely damaged, the client must send back the cards to Logo Business Cards at their own cost. After the shipment has been received, Logo Business Cards will re-print the cards.

U.S. and Canada
Our shipping rates include orders to all points of the U.S. and Canada except for Alaska and Hawaii (an additional fee is required). Plastic card and flag pen orders are also shipped for free to all points of the U.S. and Canada except for Alaska and Hawaii (an additional fee is required).

International card orders are shipped by UPS. Extra charges will apply for shipment.

P.O. Box addresses not accepted.
All of our orders are shipped via UPS. If you've received a tracking number from us, click here to track your package.

9. Miscellaneous
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of Quebec and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein.


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