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Logo Symbol vs.Textual Custom Logo Design

Which Logo Design Concept is better to use

A custom logo design represents a company to the outer world and carries the overall image of a business. A logo tends to be either symbolic or identifying mark to aptly convey origin, identity or ownership of a company. The foremost task from a custom logo design is to bring forth recognition. With that recognition, a brand tends to be attached to carry forward the business to the conscience of common people.

A custom logo design is meant to
draw out a desired emotional response.

Business companies around the globe shell out millions of dollars for their logo design in order to get the message through with minimum possible effort.

With the help of a thought-provoking logo design, there is a possibility of boosting up of your brand image and corporate identity. The market is all about keep moving ahead by letting others follow you. More so, the corporate battle boils down to grabbing a psychological advantage over your competition. For all these edges, no one wants to leave out of the race without scoring a point or without letting the presence felt. Thus, logos have always been a strong medium of garnering emotions and response from the target market.

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A logo design tends to be the core of your corporate identity, easily symbolizing the character (illustrative logos) of your company or organization. Depending on the need of your business, a choice can be made from symbol or textual custom logo design. In terms of effects and advantages, there is absolutely no certainty as to which one would be better or more result oriented. It all depends on what aspect of your business you are trying to convey through your logo.

You might have noticed symbols of the major brands like Apple, Nike, Disney, MSN, Shell, Volksvagen etc. Symbols logos tend to be persuasive and down-to-earth images that are representative of a particular company or product. With symbols, businesses try to make full use of imagery to effectively and successfully convey a message either through a specific product or identity. When we compare symbols with textual logos, they tend to be less direct than straight text. Symbols often leave scopes to gauge what the purpose or business area of a business is.

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Symbols can easily be a truly effective logo design once they have the capacity to get instantly recognizable. They must be memorable and must bring forth a sense of clarity while reproduced in small sizes. Once they conform to all these, symbol logos would be a great option for your company. On the other hand, you might have observed the textual logos of Disney, Dell, Fedex, IBM etc. Such logos wrap up your company or brand name into an inimitably styled type font treatment with many possible variations, shapes, sizes, and styles. From a sense of formality and refinement to strength and power, these textual logos represent all what you want. Thus, choose to match your needs.

Article published May 5th, 2010
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