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Let us create a memorable and persuasive
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Slogan Creation - $295

Got an image but lack some substance? Let us crown your corporate identity with a persuasive slogan.

What’s a newspaper without a headline?
Although we do live in a visual society, a persuasive tagline can add context to a clever corporate logo and give your target market a better understanding of what your company is all about. In a few simple words, slogans can speak volumes about your company’s focus, goals and values. Call it persuasive communication or brand awareness – however you split it, slogans are crucial to a complete corporate identity.

What will an effective corporate slogan do for you?
• A slogan will separate you from the pack.
• A slogan will sum up your company’s core values.
• A slogan will be memorable.
• A slogan will evoke customer confidence.

Over the years, Logo Business Cards has helped develop memorable advertising slogans for a myriad of companies across North America. If you are ready to take corporate branding to a whole new level, we’ll help you make it happen.

Slogan Design Samples

Slogan design 1 Slogan design 2
Slogan design 3 Slogan design 4
Slogan design 5 Slogan design 6

Slogan Design Package

Your custom slogan design package includes:

6 or more original slogan concepts to choose from
2 Rounds of revisions (If you're not satisfied with the
first 6 slogans, we will resubmit 6 new slogans for
you to choose from)
3 Day turnaround
We incorporate your new slogan into your logo design

If you need a captivating slogan but are not sure about your current logo, we can help!
Visit our logo design section or click here to view our logo design packages.

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