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Custom Logo Design - 5 Essential Logo Design Tips

So, you need a significant logo design for your online company? A qualified & effective logo design is fundamental for rousing trust, acknowledgment and respect for a company, product or service.

Before initializing on the custom logo design itself, it would be beneficial to comprehend what a logo design actually is, what it embodies and what it is intended to attain.

Not only does a company's logo design mirrors its commercial label, image & identity through the use of a specific shape, fonts, color, and images, it should also inspire trust, recognition and admiration for a company or product.

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For a logo design to be effective, the subsequent 5 logo design tips need to be noted when designing your logo design.

5 Essential Tips for an Effective Logo Design:

  • A logo must be describable - it should be simple enough to be describable

  • A logo must be memorable - subsequent from point 1 above if it can be portrayed easily enough so it will be easy to memorize

  • A logo must be effective devoid of color - color may increase the general effect of your logo design but it should be efficient in black & white and color should be left until the end of the development - if it doesn't work without color then no amount of color will save it

  • A logo must be scalable - should be just as effective even when just a small number of centimeters in size. For instance picture your logo design on a pen or something evenly as small - will it still look equally effective?

  • Digitizing the logo - once the first 4 points are all present in your logo you will need to ensure that the logo's effectiveness is not lost in the transformation process.

    This step of digitizing your logo is no less significant than any of the preceding essentials in the conception of an effective & qualified logo design.

In conclusion, keep in mind that your businesses logo design is one of the keys to its achievement and the starting point for labeling of any kind, so if you can put one together that stands out, and generates an unique memorable icon for your business' website you will not only be prenticing the accurate image but also skyrocketing its profile.

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Article published August 9th, 2010
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