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Defining the Principles of Logo Design

Which Logo Design Concept is better to use

In general, all the principles of design relate to any piece you may produce. How you apply those principles concludes how effective your custom logo design is in conveying the desired message and how attractive it appears. There is rarely only one accurate way to employ each principle.


Visual balance comes from assembling elements on the page so that no section is heavier than the other. Or, a designer may purposely throw elements out of balance to build tension or a certain mood.


Can you imagine how complicated it would be to find your car in a crowded parking lot if everyone disregarded the parking lot stripes and parked in every which direction and angle? Envision trying to get out of there! Alignment brings order to disorder. How you align the types and graphics on a page and in connection to each other can make your layout simpler or more complicated to read, further familiarity, or convey animation to a decayed design.

Repetition / Consistency

Repeating design elements and consistent use of type and graphics styles within a document demonstrate a reader where to go and helps them steer your designs and layouts carefully.


On the basketball court, one pro team looks much like another. But send a few of those players for a stroll down most any major city street and something becomes apparent - those players are much taller than your average guy on the street. That's contrast. In design, big and small, black and white, squares and circles, all create contrast in design.

White Space

Designs that try to fill up too much text and graphics onto the page are unpleasant and may be hard to read. White space gives your design breathing room.

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Article published August 9th, 2010
Principles of Custom Logo Design by LogoBusinessCards.com