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The Basics of Branding – Create a Significant Logo Design

Have you ever asked yourself why a competitor's enterprise gets more awareness than yours? The answer just may have to do with the fundamentals that go into how notable the company is, which involves the branding.

Precisely, what is a branding?  Try seeing branding as pre-characterizing of what a corporate company is about in the eyes of your customers.
Good branding beamed by your products and services is what sticks in the minds of your potential customers in a positive way.

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Two key elements of branding are:

Two key elements of branding are:

- An attractive custom logo design, understandable and notable
- A great catch line

The First Key Component of Branding; Create a Significant Logo Design.

You believe your company name relates to you because you’ve given it a lot of importance. Great! What a great custom logo design can do for you is convert a graphic image around your business name to create a visibility amongst your customers.

Take notice that a powerful logo design :

  1. has a powerful, equilibrium image with no confusion to its look
  2. is characteristic and forward in design, facilitating to see at a glimpse;
  3. has graphic imagery that appears suitable for your company;
  4. Associates well with your business name;
  5. is done in an easy to read font;
  6. corresponds to your business clearly; and
  7. Looks good in black and white, and also in color

McDonalds notable “M” sign logo is one of the reasons why when you feel like having a quick meal, McDonalds comes straight to your mind. It’s simple, bright and easy to remember. And it works well with the company name. Even thought the image might have not spoke the essence of the business when it was first created, it definitely does now!

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Article published June 18th, 2010
Basics in Logo Branding by LogoBusinessCards.com