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Why Your Company Needs a Custom Logo Design

A custom logo design can project a certain level of expertise, merge product lines, distinguish products, and create a brand. Without the right logo design, your attainment in each of these parts could be restricted.


We have known CPAs, doctors, and other local service experts who operated without qualified logo design. But when the business increases broader exposure, it becomes necessary to cultivate an image based on expertise, not traits. More exposure can result from advertising, cumulative numbers of clients, a Web site, a new associate, or for other reasons.

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Merge Product Lines

Envision a pair of Lacoste® without the little crocodile logo: it's just another pair of sneakers. Imagine the iPod® without Apple® Computer: we see just another MP3 player. In both cases the corporate logo design makes the specific product more precious by connecting it with the company's other products and reputation.

Distinguish Your Products

Logos enable products and packages that would otherwise look the same to stand apart. Imagine a Tommy Hilfiger® shirt without the logo—that would be just another shirt. Ask yourself this: "Does my business stand out from my competitors?" If not, a professionally designed logo may be what you need.

Create a Brand

In the cases of Lacoste® and Apple®, the companies have turned their brands into lifestyle choices. The foundation of this branding is a professional logo design - without it, there will be no label.

Your Logo

With a custom logo, your company can project a certain level of expertise, merge product lines, make products or services stand out against competitors, and produce a brand that your customers will wear with honor. Where do you start? For many small enterprises, a professional online logo design service is the best solution.

Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. The brands listed in this article do not sponsor, affiliate, or endorse the products or services herein. Tommy Hilfiger is a registered trademark of Tommy Hilfiger Licensing, Inc. Apple and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Nike is a registered trademark of Nike, Inc.

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Article published July 8th, 2010
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