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Selecting Colors for Business Marketing Materials

When it comes to corporate branding, colors are very important. When you think of yellow, does McDonald ring bell? Or perhaps Western Union comes to mind. In any case, choosing the right colors for your logo design is essential to the success of your company.

Just to show you how consequential colors are when it comes to corporate assimilation of marketing materials like Web sites, parchment, brochures and business cards. With these two examples above you can see that color means a lot. People relate colors with things (like green with grass), and with labels (red is Rogers, Bell is blue). The colors you determine to conceive your custom logo design and other corporate marketing materials with are so essential, here's a gradual process you should take to ascertain what the essence of the colors should be.

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Selecting colors for logo design

Define what colors corresponds best to your brand. Do you want your clients to see your label as strong and aggressive? A red custom design logo will do. Go for the color blue, perfect for a spa or relaxation retreat, if you want your trademark and corporation to be seen as soothing. Learn more on important colors to consider for a custom logo design.

Try to see how colors influence your product’s packaging. Any blend of colors would look suitable in opposition to the white background, if your product comes into a white can. On the other hand, if you have a wooden product, going for colors that are noticeable against the tainted wood, is better idea.

The wrapping of your merchandise is a big corporate assimilation of marketing material, and the design should be the equivalent to your business cards, parchment and other marketing/corporate materials. Having the same uniform design across all corporate identity materials is not necessary, nevertheless some dependable component, such as your custom logo design, ought to be on each fragment.

Use corresponding colors that can emphasize the primary color you’ve selected. Postcards, brochures, web sites-these all can't be just the same color. The body text needs colors, headlines and to make graphics stand out. Corresponding colors are those that are opposed to each other on the color chart, such as purple and yellow.

Article published June 18th, 2010
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